We would like to take a break from the onslaught of short stories to announce that we are now open to receiving customers for editorial and ghostwriting work. If you have a body of work already written and feel that it is in need of some help in the way of proofreading or critique, feel free to get in contact with us through this site for our services. For editorial work, the charge would be 2 cents per word and would encompass a variety of work from essays, articles, and non-fiction to screenplays, fiction, poetry, and short stories. This would include only proofreading work to take out spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors. For larger works of the novel kind, we are open to providing discounts if you contact us for a quote.

Rewriting work from a first draft to a final draft will be covered by a charge of 10 cents per word, though it may be discounted depending on word count.

Ghostwriting, being the work of writing a document on behalf of another person for no credit, is also available here for the cost of 30 cents per word. This would encompass essays, articles, non-fiction, screenplays, fiction, poetry, and short stories as well as any other textual project so long as the buyer gets in contact with us to discuss beforehand. The fee for ghostwriting is, unfortunately, non-negotiable.

If any of this should be of interest to you, please, let us know and you will be further directed to proceed.

All questions and requests can be directed to our email:

-The Phantoms