Eric is another character who I totally redid his personality. Just like Sara, Eric is part of the Savages. He was supposed to be a bad guy, but now he is still bad, but with good intentions. Eric’s motive is that he is there because he has to be. The Savages are a prospering group and Eric knows he would likely die on his own.

I dive a little bit into Eric’s history in the flashback. He is a former convict who hasn’t given up his crime ridden ways, but now his motivation is survival and not money. In the early stages I had Eric headshotting civilians just because he felt like doing it. Then I did an overhaul and turned him into a more likable character.

He has a lot of qualities that could make him the lead of the sequel. He works with the Savages, meaning he knows how to handle himself so there isn’t a learning curve for surviving. I thought Eric has some of the most memorable quotes of the story and contains that sarcastic charm that could propel him into becoming a fan favorite.

Joe Reyes