I just don’t see him leaving. Would he join a super team like the Warriors? The Spurs? The Lakers….no just kidding. But the West is a tough road to go through. The Thunder can’t get over the hump even though they have the pieces to do it.

I think Durant will give the Thunder one last shot to win it all. The team traded Serge Ibaka for Victor Oladipo which should shake things up a bit, but I think they still need a Pau Gasol (upcoming post) to join them. Durant should just sign a one year deal, next season the salary cap goes up and then he can sign a max deal somewhere else.

In the Eastern Conference, he should only sign with the Cavs. Playing with LeBron is the better choice. I barely have to talk about the benefits of being on the same team as LeBron James. The Knicks aren’t a viable team. Derrick Rose shoots just as many shots as Russel Westbrook, but doesn’t make them all in. Carmelo Anthony is breaking down, but still shoots like he is college. So Durant, the better scorer and player, might get the third amount of shots on a team where he is the best player.

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Joe Reyes