When Finn Bálor enters his Demon King mode, he is relentless. He has that cold stare that will intimidate opponents but he still has weaknesses. Most of his top moves involve build up speed or off the top rope. Bálor isn’t a very strong fighter, so he has to throw his body weight for maximum impact. The best way to beat him is to keep the distance between you and him short. Try to overpower him or take him down for a submission tactic.

Bálor is quick and agile. He can jump clear over the top and attack you with a somersault. His finisher, the Coup de Grâce (a diving stomp from the top rope), is usually done after a Shotgun Dropkick, knocking his opponent to the ground. The best way to reverse the Coup de Grâce is to simply roll out of the way. If Bálor is airborne when you roll he will most likely hurt himself on the way down, giving you the prime opportunity to finish the match with your own signature move.

Keeping Bálor on his feet is the most effective way to get the upper hand on him. As soon as Bálor picks up speed, you have lost. Keep him grounded, especially from the top rope. You use his relentlessness against him and make him miss.

Joe Reyes