I was confused when I saw the trailer because it didn’t feel like a Metal Gear game. Not because it looks more action based than stealth, but by how strange the story looks.
I didn’t think alien abduction was a direction the series would go. Don’t get me wrong, I think it looks totally badass, but the Metal Gear franchise, even with some super powered characters, never really dove into the unrealistic as much as this game does. Any character that had some kind of powers was usually created from an experiment or some kind of biological anomaly. The new game looks like a cross between Metal Gear, Resident Evil and The Walking Dead.
It just feels like a desperate change of pace to me. Which I don’t know Is warranted. I played Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and enjoyed it, but never really looked at the sales numbers to see how well it did. Maybe Konami needed the change for the sales numbers or maybe they thought “hey let’s give it a shot”. Either way I think the game looks awesome and I look forward to playing it.