I think Ziggler will try to control the match with his wrestling background. Ambrose is bigger and stronger, but not faster or as agile as Ziggler. 
The biggest threat to Ziggler is that Ambrose is alittle crazy and they craziness might make Ambrose do some high risk move like jumping over the top rope to hit Ziggler and then gain momentum. 

Ziggler’s finisher (the Zig Zag) is too easy to reverse by simply grabbing on to the top rope. This is the perfect opportunity for Ambrose to counter with the Dirty Deeds and win the match. 

I do like seeing Ziggler back in the championship running and I do think he has the advantage in Ambrose in the speed category enough to give him the victory. One of the reasons why is because I would love to see a rivalry between Zigger and AJ Styles. 

Ambrose is a good champion and will challenge anyone who comes across him, but can he be the face of the industry? No. I don’t think he can, but he is now in the teer of superstars that will be competing in title matches in this point of his career. 
Joe Reyes