The WWE has handed the keys to Balor and said “you are the next big thing,”. Bad news for Rollins, but I can see this war going on for awhile. Rollins looks like he is going to be the next big villain in the industry and will be combating for championship gold for the rest of his career. 
The only way Rollins could beat Balor is if he keeps Balor grounded. Most of Balor’s moves are momentum based and he needs some distance to get the most impact. 
Rollins needs to keep the pressure on Balor by constantly closing the gap. Balor is an ok striker, but Rollins is a better striker and grappler being the stronger wrestler. 
As soon as Balor gets some momentum going then look out. His Shotgun Dropkick sets up his Coup de Grace finisher and I don’t see Rollins kicking out after that. 
I see Balor winning this match, but I see Rollins in another match for the championship as quickly as he possibly can.
Joe Reyes